Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hi Mr Jai Prakash has a very pertinent point to make. I wish to share it with all of you.

We, whole India is seeing what Raj Thackeray and its supporters are doing in Maharastra and the government is not effectively handling this issue due to vote bank politics. But we, general public can easily handle such kind of anti social – anti national elements just by doing economic boycott of all the goods & services produced in Maharastra. We should boycott all the Bollywood films produced by Maharastra based production houses. We should boycott stock & capital market whose head quarters are in Bombay such as BSE & NSE, we should use others like Calcutta stock exchange & others. We should not deposit loan EMI of banks whose head quarters are in Maharastra such as HSBC, citi bank etc. We also should not use goods which have been produced in Maharastra state.
I am sure if we will do such kind of boycott, then with in 4-5 days these anti social, anti national elements will be taught a lesson by their own supporters and Maharastian public and these people will be isolated & at last get automatic political death.
Our main enemy is not Raj Thackerey or Marathi people but this type of separatist regional tendency, if we will isolate them like this way the it will not be a lesson for only Raj Thackeray but all the people of all the states who have such kind of tendency. Sir, I urge you to have a look of this idea seriously.

Jai Parkash Gupta
-- Thanks with RegardsJai Prakash Gupta"

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Maya has kept Rs 6,500 crore for fighting LS poll: Sri Mulayam Singh Yadav

Lucknow, Sep 23 (PTI) Charging BSP supremo Mayawati with amassing huge wealth through unfair means, the Samajwadi Party today alleged she had kept nearly Rs 6,500 crore for her party for contesting the coming Lok Sabha election in Uttar Pradesh.Ever since her name was floated by Left parties for Prime Ministerial candidate, Mayawati's main focus was on amassing wealth for the Parliamentary poll, SP president Mulayam Singh Yadav told reporters here.The UP Chief Minister "has no concern for welfare of farmers and traders and for development of the state ever since Left parties threw her name up for the post of Prime Minister," he said.With an eye on the election, her only aim was to amass wealth through unfair means, the SP chief said.He alleged Mayawati had kept aside nearly Rs 6,500 crore for contesting the Lok Sabha election in Uttar Pradesh alone.Yadav claimed he had specific information that Rs three crore changed hands for scrapping the high-powered committee set up to grant no objection certificates in the higher education department."Decisions such as hiking VAT rates are aimed at increasing the revenue," he said and asked "but, where is the money going and how it is being spent?" The former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister alleged the money was being squandered on setting up parks and memorials in the state.Alleging nothing was being done to provide relief to flood victims, farmers and students, Yadav said a meeting of party district unit chiefs would be held on October five to chalk out SP's strategy in this regard.Terming the Ganga Expressway project as unnecessary, he said he was told the government plans to keep the acquired land even if the project falls through as "huge sums have been paid as commission".Yadav said this would not be allowed at any cost.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

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